Ulcer examination: Made Easy

An ulcer is defined as an area of discontinuity of the surface epithelium. You can remember the mnemonic "DRESSINGS" to record the various findings of clinical examination of an ulcer.
  1. D: Discharge and Depth of ulcer
  2. R: Relation to underlying structure
  3. E: Edge and Margin
  4. S: Site, Size, Shape, Surface, Surrounding area
  5. S: Solitary or multiple?
  6. I: Induration at the base and Impairment of circulation
  7. N: Nodes enlarged? Neurologic deficit?
  8. G: General examination to note the evidence of malnutrition, TB, cardiac failure, etc.
  9. S: Slide (biopsy), Smear or swab for culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing, Special investigations as necessary (X-ray chest, blood sugar, biopsy of tissue from margin, etc.)

Contribuitor: Sulabh Shrestha

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